TriCC Utility Cover
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Protect your valuable equipment with TRiCC utility cover today and avoid costly repairs or replacement tomorrow!
What is TRiCC
TRiCC utility cover is a great value because it is built to protect and last for many years. The primary structure of TRiCC utility cover is an engineered hard plastic frame that provides superb protection from falling tree limbs or ice. The unique design also protects your equipment from debris or rocks that can be blown in during landscaping maintenance or high winds/storms and also from the natural elements: rain, hail, snow and direct sunlight.

The need for repair or replacement of air conditioner condensers is common as a result of damage to the fan from falling limbs or ice. Damage to the fins and/or condenser coils caused by debris build-up, rust/corrosion or flying debris create “dead zones” which can decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner. This results in the need for costly repairs or in the worst case replacement of the a/c unit.

TRiCC utility cover provides year round protection and beauty without maintenance - no other cover can make this claim. The unique design means you never have to take TRiCC utility cover off when the seasons change. And because it allows equipment to breathe, you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion
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