A Curtain around Cat Litter Box Furniture

Apr 6th
Hide Cat Litter Box Furniture
Hide Cat Litter Box Furniture

Cat litter box furniture – Many cat owners share a special bond with their feline companions. Love your cat does not mean you has to love the litter box, however. The sand box, while the need for most cats is not something you want to keep in a visible place for all your guests to see.

A simple solution to a sandbox without grace is to put a curtain around the box. The curtains are easy to make from an old set of sheets or fabric. The lower section of an end table is a smart place to put the cat litter box furniture. Just add a handcrafted curtain to form a skirt and no one will ever know the box is there. In small apartments, many people are forced to put the litter box in a small bathroom. Even though it fits perfectly into a wall sink, it can still be seen easily.

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Pet stores and online retailers sell litter boxes that resemble terra cotta planters. Some have an artificial plant that seems to grow in it. The planters have a cut from one side to the cat litter box furniture hole can have easy access to their brood. If you really want to fool your guests of the house, turn off the planter so that the hole facing a corner. Your cat will be able to get in and out of the box, but no one will ever notice the hole.

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