A Natural Behavior Cat Scratching Post

Apr 12th
Cat Scratching Post Target
Cat Scratching Post Target

Cat scratching post is a natural behavior of the cat. Both wild and domestic cats scratch to mark their neighborhood / territory. They scratch to show for the other cats in the area that this is their territory. It is not only signaling to the other cats to a cat holds a territory; Cat also leave a scent trail as they scratch out his territory.

Cats communicate among others with the scent pheromones. Scent trails at colander come at no cat scratching post from superficial glands in the skin of the cat’s paws. Perfume pheromones are perceived by other cats and are often not noticeable to the ordinary human nose. The cat signals to other cats that territory is already taken.

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In addition to displaying other cats to a territory belonging to someone, then claw up other purposes. It is believed that scratching force also give the cat some form of physical exercise for the muscles. Loose claws trimmed even at “colander”.

Cats that go both indoors and often scratching their needs met outside but sometimes even they have scratching possibilities indoors. Cats that are just staying indoors need the opportunity to get “kola”. If you do not offer a cat scratching post trees or similar, one should not be surprised if the cat starts clawing the furniture, the floor or the wallpaper.

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