Affordable Cardboard Jewelry Boxes

Jan 2nd
Cardboard Jewelry Boxes Craft
Cardboard Jewelry Boxes Craft

Cardboard Jewelry Boxes – Cardboard jewelry boxes A jewel padded box suitable for a large piece of jewelry, like a necklace brooch, or large and offers a lot of possibilities when decorating. For example, you can buy handmade or boxes adorned with stars, jewelry, flowers or hearts. To get an idea — and — most ambitious novel, boxes size mini versions could include other containers such as trunks and treasure chests. Instructions for making a miniature treasure chest can be found on website to make friends.

Some jewelry is packed in cardboard jewelry boxes, which are too large to accommodate standard sized gift tag. In these cases, consider placing a larger gift card, such as a birthday or medium sized greeting card. These cards can be purchased in stores or handmade. If you are a seller of jewelry, gift cards can be added as part of purchase or sell jewelry for their customers as separate objects. People who give jewelry as a gift then you can write your message on card.

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Beside cardboard jewelry boxes, Jewelry bags also luxurious look and to provide a soft material to protect contents. These bags can be decorated in a range of styles. Some jewelry bags have handles, as shown in ideas of web display jewelry while same envelope can be adorned with ribbons, sequins and expressive designs. For historical replica jewelry, you can provide bags with issues instead. For example, a piece of jewelry medieval design can be packaged in a drawstring bag.

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Cardboard Jewelry Boxes DIY

Cardboard jewelry boxes – Using the simple instructions, you can make your own jewelry box box. You can make each unique and personal jewelry box or keep the same style for all. This project is perfect for selling your jewelry for yourself, give a gift or as a commitment to box or set jewelry anniversary. Draw a picture in the center of cardboard measured 6 cm by 6 cm. To draw a line that divides the center of the cardboard jewelry boxes horizontally and measures 20 cm. draw another line that vertically divides the Center box and measures 20 cm.

Draw an oval shape around the horizontal line that starts at the beginning of the line and falls at the end of the line. Repeat the steps above, draw a long oval around a vertical line. The second side oval should corresponds to the center of the sides of the box, so you have a transverse curve. Drawing cardboard jewelry boxes knot at the top and bottom part of the vertical oval. Be sure to measure the same size pieces. You can use a circular object, such as a quarter or a compass to make sure that the circular protrusions are the same size. Join the two bumps to the Center and fold two to make up. Join both sides of the horizontal oval and going into bumps through the second slot to make the jewelry box.

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