Bike Storage Ideas that Are Totally Creative

Mar 1st
Bike Storage Tent
Bike Storage Tent

There are so many bike storage ideas which are creative and still space saving. Instead of applying the ideas which are not stunning and less space saving, it is better when you can make the storage that will fit best to your lifestyle and it can occupy your needs. For example, you can try the creative ideas for storing bikes that is by storing and hanging the bikes under stairs. You can hang the bikes on the stairways in your basement or garage, which means that you will save spaces a lot. This idea is indeed suitable when you have stairs which are quite long and mostly, wooden stairways are more preferred.

Bike Storage Ideas That Are Totally Save Spacing

When you do not want to spend too much space for storing the bikes, then it is better if you utilize the walls for storing the bikes. You can install wall mounted garage vac and slat walls which let you up things from the floor. It is better to hang bikes on the walls so that you will save spaces more, you can install the wall mounted vac and slat walls and adjust it with the numbers of items that you want to hang and you have to allocate it and adjust the distance well.

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Bike Storage Ideas Small Spaces with Unique Bike Rack

You can try to store you bikes with unique racks. These days, there are so many bike racks which are indeed unique, creative and space saving. For that, you can try to store the bikes with rack which is equipped with shelves. When you can store the bikes in the mudroom easily, then you can save spaces lot, moreover with small spaces, you may not divide the room for mudroom and storing the bikes, then you can use the unique bike rack with shelves. You can simply add the divider when you don’t have certain room for it.

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