Build a Cool Cat Tree House

May 24th
White Cool Cat Trees
White Cool Cat Trees

Cool cat trees houses are structures of your cat can climb and perch on. These structures are available for purchase at pet supply stores, but a single structure can be very expensive. But sources to make your own cat tree house are only a fraction of that cost. Use tree branches, wood, carpet remnants and a few power tools can make a tree house big cat in a short time, suitable for any cat.

Build cool cat trees; Select a tree branch to the main axis of his tree house cat. Choose a branch that fits easily into the room where he will host in his tree house and has a larger number of branches you have a place to attach platforms later. Use a handsaw to remove any branches less than 2 inches in diameter tree branch. Discard any cut branches. Use a large brush to disinfect large tree branch.  Paint the whole branch with an acrylic wood sealer.

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Stand up the treated and dried branch on wooden base where it will end the tree house. Fasten together the base and the branch drilling wood screws through the base branch and plywood. Cut plywood platforms 1 inch thick for your tree house.  Connect your platform to tree branch with wood screws. Cut carpet scraps to fit the size of their platforms. Lengths wrap sisal rope around the base of the cool cat trees house.

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