Decorating Wine Glasses with Swarovski Crystal

Feb 2nd
Great Decorating Wine Glasses
Great Decorating Wine Glasses

Decorating wine glasses – Decorate your long stem wine glasses with Swarovski crystal beads to add flashes of color to your tables cape. Swarovski crystals are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and a wide range of colors to match any decor of the dining room. Small 4mm Swarovski crystals are the perfect size to wrap the stems of his wine. Search a wide range of Swarovski crystals accounts online providers and their local craft store.

Decorating wine glasses do one section of the soft monofilament line 12 inches from the coil. Do not cut the line. 6mm Swarovski Crystal Prism passes at the end of the monofilament line. Tie a double knot just above the prism, leaving a 2-inch tail monofilament. Glass prisms are holes drilled superior. Keep the glass prism at the bottom of the wine glass, just below the mother.

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Decorating wine glasses, center 4 mm wire pierced Swarovski crystal beads on the open Monofilament glass prism end. The first bead should fit over the edge of the tail wire and monofilament line, so that the tail disappears in the beads. Add a queue of 2 inches in the open end of the filament. Attach a paper clip to open the queue.

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