Hardwood Stair Treads is Classic and Also Stylish

Apr 16th
Diy Hardwood Stair Treads
Diy Hardwood Stair Treads

The classic hardwood stair treads can decorate your home and suit your style and needs. The wooden stairs wear becomes very apparent with the passage of time. Those of you with this type of stairs at home, you will know of what I speak. The color of the wood is coming down, they begin to crack, maybe one step I chipped, the brightness is lost … is inevitable.

But the hardwood stair treads, despite suffering a further deterioration that the steps are covered with tile for example, have a great advantage. And it is that your renewal options are much broader, easier and cheaper. We can restore the old wood and re-varnished to leave them as the first day, apply a new coating of another color, remove varnish and leave them in pure wood, or my favorite, painting.

12 Picture Gallery: Hardwood Stair Treads is Classic and Also Stylish

And in the latter, that of painting the hardwood stair treads, a range of almost infinite possibilities opens. Yellow, red, green, blue, plaid, stripes, numbers, letters, two colors, three colors … and could go on all day. So considering that wear wooden stairs is inevitable and no choice but to restore them you have left, we wanted to bring you 12 awesome pictures to paint the wooden stairs

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Place Hardwood Stair Treads

If you put hardwood stair treads in your house, you probably want to make your stairs game. Although putting wood floor is quite simple, place it in the stairs can take a little more time and effort. Precise and careful cutting measures to make sure they look as beautiful as the rest of your household are required. Boot carpet left on the stairs. Carefully remove the studs and throw them. Bare well, so start with a clean surface. Any residue or dust remaining on the stairs can cause the wood is not properly fit and chatter.

Use your level, examines the steps to see how they are graded. If you find that there are a few points where the steps are uneven perfectly, ligulas to ensure best results. Starting hardwood stair treads with the top step put the material above and counts it for a perfect fit. Draw a line with chalk or pencil where the step needs to be cut to free up the corners or handrails. Remember measure twice and cut once.

Cut the hardwood stair treads line you drew with your circular saw. Adjust the shoulder in place and put nails in each corner. Put in place and stick it to secure it three times through the bar. You can fill the nail holes with putty later. Continue the process towards under the stairs.

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