How to Build an Ottoman Bench with Storage

Oct 15th
Folding Storage Ottoman Bench With Rigid Dividers
Folding Storage Ottoman Bench With Rigid Dividers

Ottoman bench with storage – A ottoman bench with storage cover combines an attractive place to store your tools yard season and a comfortable place to store your seat while munch on barbecue. You can buy any number of storage banks manufactured with prices ranging from hundreds of dollars. Or you can spend a weekend one building. This project takes a couple of hours of practical work, plus time for glue to dry and stain. The finish Bank is four feet long and two feet high and two feet deep. Adjust the dimensions of wood if you want a smaller or larger bank. All wood cut to the required specifications. Sand all sides of the wood with coarse sandpaper. Pick up a sheet 24 inches by 24 inches of plywood and two beams. Put the beams at opposite edges of the sheet, parallel to their outer edges flush with the outer edges of the sheet. Glue them in place. Reinforce the glue with three wood screws per beam, uniformly spaced and driven through the sheet beneath the beam.

Repeat step two to build ottoman bench with storage with the sheet 24 by 24 remaining and the other two beams. Placing Connect the two sheets 48-inches by 24 inches each wood sheet, forming a C-shaped ends 24 inches long blade must overlap the beams 2 by 4 to align the edges of the leaves 24. Glue in place, and then reinforce three screws for wood beam. Convert the C-shaped in a rectangular frame by placing a second sheet of 48 inches compared to the first. Glue and strengthen as the first sheet. Place a third sheet of 48 inches at the top of the frame. Glue in place, and then reinforced by corner with a screw driven through the sheet and at the end of the beam below. Strengthening nails with a line along each edge, through the side of this sheet and the edge of the sheet below. Using three nails evenly spaced along each short side and six nails evenly spaced along each long side.

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Turn the box so that it is on the third sheet. Place the wooden end sheet 48 inches above the open end of the face. Connect it to the box with its three hinges. Place a hinge 4 inches from each end of the long side. Place the third hinge in the middle of the long side thereof. Screw in place using the included hardware. Apply caulk painter over the heads of the nails and screws. Wipe the excess away. Putty and wait for glue to dry. Ottoman bench with storage sand with fine sandpaper, smoothing wood and putty and remove excess glue. Apply a coat of stain outdoors for all surfaces, interior and exterior. Let dry. Apply a second coat for all exterior surfaces.Building an ottoman with storage,

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