How to Make a Rolling Bookcase

Mar 23rd
White Rolling Bookcase
White Rolling Bookcase

Rolling bookcase – is one of the most basic furniture and is a good first project for novice woodworkers. It can be composed of high-grade plywood, which is a relatively cheap material.  Cut two sheets of 3/4 cm thick plywood Sand any burrs or rough edges of each plate. Position two 70 by 13 boards and two 30 by 13 plates on the floor, making the box frame for the bookcase. The longer sides must be on the outside, with the smaller upper and lower plates sandwiched between them.

Drill two holes through the sides and at the top or bottom shelves on every corner. These holes should be slightly narrower than the shaft of the wood screws to avoid splitting the wood screwed to the pieces together. Screw the frame with eight 1 1/2-inch wood screws. Place the large piece of plywood on the box. This will be the back of the rolling bookcase. Bring the edges drill three holes on the top and bottom and five on each side. Plug it back into the frame with 16 wood screws.

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Turn the rolling bookcase upstairs so that he sits on the back. Set the remaining boards in the case. These will be the planks. Adjust them until you are satisfied with the distance. Measure the distance from the bottom of the housing on the bottom shelf. The measurements need to take care of the same on both sides of the shelf, that the level. Repeat this process for each shelf. Drill holes through the sides of the case and on the shelves, two per side. Fasten each shelf in place with wood screws. Stain or paint the finished bookcase as desired.

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