How to Recording Studio Desk with Speakers

Sep 29th
Recording Studio Desk Pictures
Recording Studio Desk Pictures

Recording studio desk from speakers may seem a simple task, but does it properly require a significant amount of patience and attention to detail. Place one of the microphones in front of the left speaker, approximately 10 cm away from the center speaker. If the speaker has more than one port, microphone centered between them. Repeat with the second microphone on the right speaker in the exact spot where you placed the left. Microphones must be at the same distance from both speakers. Connect the female side of the second cable XLR microphone in front of the right speaker.

Connect the stereo mixer output to the input of your recording studio desk device with a cable. The type of cable you need depends on the device with which you are working, most recording devices using RCA connections. Put the device for recording on “standby”.

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Play the audio you want to record and increases the volume of the first two mixer channels the same amount until the device to record shows a level close to 0dB on the highest point of the recording.  Press record on the device and reproduce the material recording studio desk. Stop recording when you are finished or if you want to record another track.

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