Ideal But Simple Diy Cat Scratch Post

May 28th
Diy Cat Scratch Post
Diy Cat Scratch Post

Cats are known for scratching furniture and valuables to their owners. best solution is to get a cat scratch post, but there are so many shapes and materials out there, it’s hard to know which message is best for you and your cat. Best option would be to build your own.

Cut strips of cardboard and stack them on top of each other until they are about 6 inches tall, and then glue layers together. Place flat building floor and sprayed grass catnip on it to get your cat to scratch. For a traditional cat scratch post, it begins with a base that is broad and strong. If foundation is weak or not sufficiently wide, post could tip over, which could prevent cat from using it?

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Wood is most common for construction of a cat scratch post material. Use wood screws to attach high post for middle of wide base, and then fill post material your cat to scratch in, like sisal rope. Sisal rope has a slight amount of stretch, so a cat’s claws sink into it (which is most enjoyable for a cat), but also very strong and does not fray easily, so hard long time. Wind sisal rope tightly around post, working from bottom up. Make sure there are no open spaces, and use of staples, nails or nails to fix rope to top of pole. To make message even more fun for your cat, place a ball filled with catnip by a chain to top of post with a staple.

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