Ideas for Kid Wall Mural Theme

Mar 4th
Image of kid wall mural
Image of kid wall mural

Kid wall mural – Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians used murals (drawings on a wall) to decorate the graves of their ancestors. The murals always told stories of gods and goddesses. One can say that the history of a boy painting a mural that covers the entire wall with a mural wallpaper, or use as a small adhesive, custom theme to create a mural depicting hobbies or interests of the child images. The options are endless for this type of mural. Choose the favorite sport of the child, and the purchase of individual self-adhesive images for various sports such as baseball, football, hockey or skate. If the child is a fan of the team LA Dodgers, you can paint the walls of a blue color to match the letters on the Dodgers uniform and paste life-size images of the favorite players of the Dodgers on a wall with the logo team, a few balls and a baseball bat. Place baseball gloves and balls on a shelf and used bedding-baseball theme to complete the picture. Cover one wall with a mural of the jungle. The murals are easy to apply and can change the whole look of a room.

Choose one of the colors of the mural painting the other walls of the room and cover the bedding in the child’s room with a touch of color on the wall or bed using jungle themed games painting. Some stuffed animals can be strategically placed in the bed and a stuffed chimpanzee can be hung from the ceiling of the room. Add an extra touch copying music with water sounds of the jungle and running in a CD or DVD, and it can be played in the background to create the feeling of a jungle. Arrange for a professional to paint a kid wall mural on a wall boat in the nursery. A wall of pale blue patterned with white clouds, some birds in the sky, and one or two boats in a sea of​blue would be appropriate for the room of a boy loving sea.

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The lower half of the wall mural can have a sandy beach with gray-white figures of people walking on sand or imposition colorful beach towels. Beautify the room with nautical details and accessories such as seashells, a pair of oars against a wall or a fence large fishing net can be hung on the wall in the back of your bed so that act as a headboard. Sheets and pillowcases Skippered yacht can complete the picture. Paint the room of a white eggshell and place several large murals stickers’ rock and roll guitar playing, singing and playing drums, etc., in one wall of the room. A sticker mural of a guitar with musical notes add a fresh touch to the other wall, and the use of vivid colors and vibrant accents of red, orange, black and white bedding. Show guitar, drums or musical instruments boy around the room, and place CDs, speakers, headphones shelved painted white. A large microphone stand, for jam sessions, completed the kid wall mural theme of rock-and-roll.

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