Make a Wicker Plant Stand for Hanging Inside

Dec 21st
1950s White Wicker Plant Stand Omero Home
1950s White Wicker Plant Stand Omero Home

Wicker plant stand – Indoor plants can look fabulous in a hanging pot and offer the added advantage of being out of the way and earth. Almost all the hanging baskets are commercially available unoriginal, and many of them are really difficult to use indoors. Look for a basket wicker plant stand to make her stand out from. Craft stores often sell baskets and freshly made headlines in a variety of ways, but often an antique shop may be the best bet for affordability and originality. Bag baskets will be best most of the time, so look for a basket that lacks one, or one that can be easily removed. Cut a piece of plastic to line the inside of the basket. This will prevent moisture from the ground decays your basket. Plastic landscape is a good choice for durability, but a plastic garbage bag cut to size work just as well for much less cost. Cut the rope into five segments 3 feet and spread evenly around the wicker plant stand. Screw each piece of string through the gaps in the wicker and tie securely around the rim of the basket. If no rope trim, evident in the design of basket, passes through at least 1 inch from the top for stability. Gather the rope ends together and tie into a tight knot. Place the pot in the basket and its owner is ready to hang.

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