Make an Easy Custom Cat Tree

Mar 2nd
Famous Custom Cat Tree
Famous Custom Cat Tree

Custom cat tree – Make a easy custom cat tree, having determined the size and shape of the cat flap, draw on paper a sketch of what you want to do , and establishes a logical steps. Then cut the boards with a circular saw, to adapt them to the extent you have chosen for the platforms. If you’re short of ideas, you can be inspired by the photographs in this post or visit our section scrapers.

Custom cat tree, next, cut to size fabric you have chosen.  Then sheathes each platform, applying the glue sticking in the table and the fabric well. You can also cover some with rope to give your pet a wider surface scratching.  Now is the turn of the posts. With the same saw before or with a jig saw, cut the slats according to the measure you decided to create the different heights of the tree.

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Custom cat tree, now it cover each slat with rope, combining different thicknesses. Para hold the rope is not necessary using glue, just taking a bridle rope at the top of the tube, roll and another flange at the end. Once we have platforms and slats covered with rope, mark with a pencil where they will join with those and let’s drill at designated locations with the drill. Time screwing: with assembling, starting from the base, achieve a final stable structure. We screw each piece following the outline sketch.

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