Making Glass Fireplace Screen

Dec 22nd
traditional accesories glass fireplace screen
traditional accesories glass fireplace screen

A display of glass fireplace screen can add a beautiful focal point to your room and hide a dirty or unattractive fireplace. The screens of colored glass retail can be expensive and might not be able to find the exact style or to suit your home decor colors. You can make your own display customized by recycling some old windows and colored glass pieces stuck to the glass. Cut into desired glass fireplace screen marking a glass cutter and then breaks apart carefully hand pieces. Use gloves and eye protection during this process. Glue each piece of cut glass in place in the window using a small amount of adhesive glass. Continue until you have completed the designs in all windows.

Sanded grout mixed with water according to package instructions of the grout. Put the grout on the glass so that it fills all crevices between each piece of glass. Use gloves to avoid cuts in hands with the edges of cut glass. Clean the front glass fireplace screen with a damp sponge to remove excess grout. Allow the grout to completely set according to the time specified in the instructions and then clean the glass with a window cleaner and a rag.

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Removing Glass Fireplace Screen

Glass fireplace screen – Before starting work, open the doors of the fireplace and, using a brush, vacuum or a combination of the two, thoroughly clean the chimney. This will prove to be helpful for the next steps. Using a flashlight, locate the screws on each side of the display assembly containing the base to the brick fireplace. With a screwdriver or electric drill, remove and set aside these screws.

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Glass fireplace screen, reaching hand in the fire, feel the top right and left corners to locate the brackets that secure the display assembly to the wall of the chimney. Loosen the clamps, and continue turning counterclockwise until fully released from the fireplace wall. May be necessary to use a pair of tweezers for this it started.

Once you have unscrewed the base of the display assembly and unscrew the clamp threshold, you are now ready to lift doors glass fireplace screen out of the mouth of the chimney. Tilt the bottom forward so that the clamps can clean the inside of the fireplace and, grasping the display mounting on both sides of the structure, out of the fireplace.

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