Making Position Design Cat Climbing Tree

Apr 26th
Picture Cat Climbing Tree
Picture Cat Climbing Tree

Cat climbing tree– Cats love to scratch. This sharpens their claws and leaves a visible calling card — an obvious brand that can be easily identified by other cats. It is the cat’s way of saying, “Honey, I’m home!” In addition, cats like to climb. It gives them a better view of the world. But who has not seen a trembling kitten clinging to a branch able to come down? If you can transfer a cat’s destructive behavior into something safe, like a scratching post, you can prevent damage to your furniture and avoid cat – in – tree house call from the fire department. By making position, you can save money and customize it to match your furniture. To make a post that will allow your cat to scratch and climb safely follow these instructions.

Cover large square of plywood with carpet. Cut carpet at the edges and remove the excess carpet material cat climbing tree. Secure the carpet at the bottom edge of the square with staples. This is the basis for your scratching post. Nail one end of sisal rope to the top of the post by means of a brad nails. Pulling the rope taut rope seam all the way around the top of the post, by means of a seam in the middle of each page.

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Pull the rope tight and wrap sisal around the post, leaving no space between the layers. When you reach the bottom of the post, secure the sisal around the base of the nail, place a seam in the middle of each side of the post. Cover the square with carpet in the same way you covered the base. Attach the carpet to the bottom of the square with staples. This will give cat climbing tree with a place to lounge and enjoy the view.

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