Mid Century Modern Shelving Design

Mar 6th
Mid Century Modern Shelving System
Mid Century Modern Shelving System

Mid century modern shelving – The shelves are primarily a functional purpose, but modern shelves can also add style and distinction to a wall or room. Modern shelves are combined with contemporary design aesthetic function to create storage that serves double duty as decoration. Traditional shelf is often a series of wooden boxes or rectangles; mid century modern shelving experiment with shape, color and material and add a contemporary touch to any space.

Traditional shelves are composed of rectangles and right angles. Mid century modern shelving incorporate a wider shapes and angles in their design range. Circular shelves come in various designs. Some stacked shelves include circles of different sizes to resemble a honeycomb pattern; these shelves can be placed directly on the floor or mounted on a wall. The books are stacked vertically within circles or horizontally on the board placed across the diameter of each circle. Some shelves include one gram of rectangular base with a series of alternately shelves inside the frame; triangles, diamonds and hexagons are popular ways for this kind of shelves. The shelves are loose sheets of plastic or metal bending or molding can form lines in waveform on a wall. By buying shelves with modern forms, consider the functionality of the form. For simple objects such as books or movies, many forms will suffice, but for fragile items, such as vases or collection, circles or other angled surfaces may not be ideal.

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Modern shelves use various building materials, including stone, plastic and metal. Most shelves made of plastic or metal create linear shelves that attach directly to the wall; they can be curved into spirals or waves. Even wooden mid century modern shelving can be updated by using alternative materials such as bamboo wood. Built in wall units they can be framed tiles or thin sheets of bronze or copper. Simple metal sculptures in the form of flowers, butterflies, or letters are discreet shelves also serve a purpose design.

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