Runners for Stairs

Jan 4th
New Runners for Stairs
New Runners for Stairs

Running for stairs is one of the best forms of exercise to burn calories and build muscle at the bottom of the body, according to Friday. You do not need any equipment, except for good running shoes and a ladder. Warm up before starting any type of exercise. Stretch your muscles before running up the stairs, but lend him focus on hamstring, quadriceps, hips and lower back. Up and down the stairs for two to five minutes to continue the warm-up. Keep an even pace and concentrate on lifting your feet and not bounce.

Go up the running for stairs, keeping the right torso and arms relaxed at your sides. Concentrate on pressing the bottom of the foot against the steps to push you to the next instead of relying on the knees up. Use the thighs to control the steps and speed.

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Downstairs absorbing the impact with legs and bottom, not the knees. Concentrate on moving gently hard using all the muscles of the legs and hips. Avoid the impact on the knees, as the repeated impact can be harmful. Keep your body aligned as you go up and down the running for stairs. Concentrate on keeping your shoulders back and the right column.

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