Secret Decorating Feng Shui Stairs

Jun 7th
Fantastic Feng Shui Stairs
Fantastic Feng Shui Stairs

Decorating feng shui stairs will bring many benefits to our home. According to this ancient technique, stairs with curved turns are most beneficial as they allow better transit. Instead, those stairs completely straight and yet they have a right angle should be very worked with Feng Shui for success.

Interesting thing in decoration feng shui stairs is that they totally avoid spiral stairs because it creates a totally contrary to what we are looking effect. If you already have this type of stairs inside your home and you cannot replace it with another – often due to space or money – then I recommend placing a plant in beginning of ladder and a mobile glass at end.

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Remember also add a plant in bottom and a wall hanging plant to start up. Whether all ladders should have good lighting so we recommend using wall lamps that are best suited to provide efficient and safe light. Finally, feng shui stairs prevents stairs are directly facing front door as energy, instead of going through home, goes towards exit and is dismissed. If you have your ladder at this location adds charms you “protect” as plants, glass spheres and mobile. It also comes either a curtain or a screen that prevents this from escaping.

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