Storage Bench with Cushion Design Ideas

Oct 4th
Last Storage Bench With Cushion
Last Storage Bench With Cushion

Storage bench with cushion – Make a cushioned storage bench for any room. A tree is cut for you at your local lumber supply and assembles your bench with a drill and a screwdriver. Match the fabric on the upholstered seat to your room’s decor and create a piece of furniture that looks good, is comfortable to sit on and store toys, bedding or other paraphernalia

Make a storage bench with cushion, Stain or paint the 12 birch panels, eight wooden strips and one of the 4 feet by 18 inch wooden plates. Apply your choice of finish on both sides of birch and plywood, but only one side and the two edges of wood strips. Apply as many layers as you want, according to the instructions. Place an “L” bracket in the middle along the edge of each side of the finished plywood. Place one of the wood strips in the middle of the birch plates, vertically connecting the boards together. Attach the strip of wood screws Pre-drilling holes for each screw. Place a screw through the tapes and in each of the birch boards. Do the other side the same way.

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Make front and back of your storage bench with cushion by participating in two sets of three 4-foot birch leaves. Instead of a wood strip in the middle, place a strip on each side, 10 inches from the outer edge of the boards. Drill holes and insert the screws one through tapes and in each of the birch boards. Participate in the front and back sides of the storage bench with “L” brackets, two in each corner. Add substance to your upholstered bench downwards and place the batting on top. Set the hinges to the padded top, 6 inches from each end. Attach the hinges on the back of your storage bench.

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