Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire Exceptional

Mar 26th
Cool Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire
Cool Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire

Wall mounted jewelry armoire – Came early and very good product. The package I received the day before the scheduled day. Perfect packaging, the smell described in the other reviews but there is not as excessive as it was described (stink again). The one thing I do not like is the key, which could be more cute (seems the key to a padlock) other mirrors had keys chest style, but it works perfectly, and it’s just a matter of personal taste.

As the title suggests of wall mounted jewelry armoire exceptional, the object is very beautiful and functional.  Just what he was looking for my wife. . The shipment arrived on time and manner provided without any jam. The object is ready for use without the need to assemble anything. The fast delivery (as always) in excellent packaging. The package also contains screws and dowels for hanging the cabinet.

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The only flaw: the closure, only works with the key. That is, to open and close, always use the key. I do not know if it is what we understand from the description. The cabinet is well finished both externally and internally. It is not ‘to be assembled; only wall mounted jewelry armoire. The photos correspond to reality ‘very convenient for the purpose. The cut in the black material vertical panels is not a cobbler, but only noticeable if one looks “through the lens”.

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Guideline to Make Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire

Tom make wall mounted jewelry armoire first, measure the width of the closet door. With this measure, cut two boards 1 by 4 inches using a jig saw or miter saw. These are the top and bottom of the cabinet frame. Measure the length of your closet door. Subtracting the thickness of the upper and lower frame panels. Cut two boards 1-for-4 using this measurement. These are the sides of your frame. Stand each of the four tables of cut in one of its long edges. Put together in a frame shape.

Make two pilot holes in each corner, from the outside of the upper and lower panels of the frame on the ends of the side boards, using a 1/32 inch drill bit. Place 1 wood screws 1/2-inch pilot holes and secure with a screwdriver. Place a piece of window screen over the frame recycled. Staple the four edges of the frame. Trim the edges of the screen for wall mounted jewelry armoire, The screen is hanging earrings. Connect the desired hanging hardware to the top, focus on the back of the frame. Place the rack cabinet with the front side facing up. Place the cabinet door on the frame and align the edges. Measure and mark the outside left of the frame to the desired placement of two hinges. Remove the door.

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Place a hinged flap of each of the brands. Drill pilot holes. Insert the screws into the holes and fix. Place the back door on the framework for aligning the edges. Holding the door in place on the left, open the door standing up. Placing loose flaps of the hinges against the inside of the door. Drill pilot holes at the marks. Do not drill through the front door. Insert the hinge screws into the holes and fix. Tilt the wall mounted jewelry armoire or stable surface. Open the door. Screw cup three hooks on each side of the inner frame from the front edge to the back, 1 inch from the top of the frame.

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